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Posted on: 05/04/2020 02:27:28

Car for rental and lease

Belhasa Car Rental the top car rental company in Dubai offers a range of flexible, tailor-made corporate leasing arrangements for your fleet. It's easy to access Belhasa Car Rental Corporate finance Scheme through a range of flexible leases, leaving your own money available for more important purchases. You can lease our vehicles for as long as you like, ensuring the lease always suits your business. Our dedicated staff is eager to understand what works for you and seeks to cooperatively arrive at financial solutions that make business sense. Through Belhasa Car Rental Finance Plan, the client is able to openly review the lease schedule and plan according to one's transport requirements Transparent, flexible fleet management and finance, where you share in any savings with Belhasa Car Rental,you'll only pay the actual cost of running your fleet. With no surprises, other than the fact that your fleet is costing less to run than you think and therefore you share in the benefit. We recognize that company car policies can be a complex subject, Belhasa Car Rental has helped numerous companies form and implement winning car policies.

Belhasa Car Rental derives its success from a focus on customer satisfaction , employee involvement , vendor relations , profitable growth , continues improvement and implementation of quality , health , safety and environmental management system standards.


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+971 4 341 9497(Dubai) or +971 2 552 2044 (Abu Dhabi)
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Mail Us: sales@belhasacarrental.a

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