Chevrolet Bolt Dubai Review- Chevrolet Bolt E V 2019

Posted on: 26/12/2019 14:14:39

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If you are looking for a fully electric car, you can choose Chevrolet Bolt EV 2019.Chevrolet Bolt EV is a hatchback and a fully electric car. This car is suitable for our Dubai highways. Its style and ground clearance match with a hatchback but its overall performance and height are closer to that of a compact SUV. The dash board is designed with a two toned colour scheme with a plenty of cabin and storage spaces .When we consider the back seats there is a large amount for leg room and head room, and three adults can sit comfortably without any issues .It comes with 6 air bags and automatic climate control and also a digital instrument cluster called as the driver information centre. It provide the information like the average speed of your ride and timer etc. It contain 60KW battery power which is same as that of the 204hp.It has a torque of 360nm. In this model is every time you press the break pedal it converts the kinetic energy to electricity and it is stored in the battery for later use like all other EV models .For getting maximum benefit of this mechanism Chevrolet introduce a technology of one pedal driving. You can expect a wltp average of 380km on a full charge .But it depends on the charge r you use. For more information about Chevrolet Bolt EV 2019 car for rent or lease at a low cost for long term and short term you can visit our website We are providing special offers for your transportation needs in Dubai, Sharjah and U A E. Like and Share this Page to get regular updates on new car models in UAE.

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