Heavy Rain. 6 Tips to Drive Safely on Rainy Roads

Posted on: 11/01/2020 14:56:06

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Rainy weather can be a very serious problem as reduced visibility makes spotting driving hazards much harder, not to mention slippery roads. For better road safety, there are certain things to observe when driving in the rain. 1. Slow down Driving along a road at 120km/h in rain is dangerous and irresponsible. Reduce your speed to no more than 50km/h and stay in the inside lane. If required, slow down to 40km/h. 2. Use dipped headlights If you are driving in low visibility conditions, you must turn your headlights on. Make sure they are dipped (i.e. normal). Driving with your main beams on (denoted by the blue symbol on your dashboard) is dangerous to oncoming traffic as it dazzles other motorists. Never drive through rain with your main beams on, and if your car has automatic headlights, make sure they are on, don’t assume they would be before checking. 3. Do NOT drive with your hazard lights on There is a lot of confusion when it comes to driving with your hazard lights on in fog or rain. Some people do it to make themselves more visible, which is a good intention, but not wise and can cause an accident. Never drive with your hazard lights on. They are meant to signal a stopped car 4. Turn your heater on If it’s raining then it is likely going to be cool, which means that condensation may build up on the inside of your car. This will affect your visibility even more. The heater will help keep your windows clear. 5. Keep your distance Don’t get too close to the car in front. If he has to stop sharply then you could crash into him. Stay well back. 6. Avoid changing lanes Don’t change lanes unless you have to. Stay over to the inside (right lane) and don’t hurry yourself. Constantly changing lanes is potentially dangerous as it could cause an accident. Remember that motorists behind you may not have seen you. Pick a lane and stay in it. Contact us https://www.belhasacarrental.com/en/Offers/ , the luxuary car hire company in Dubai. Like and Share this Page to get regular updates on new car models in UAE.

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