Mercedes Benz C Class -The perfect Luxury Car for everyone

Posted on: 26/12/2019 14:31:08

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In the new model Mercedes Benz c class there is a beautiful multi beam Led lights in the front. When comes to the rear side of the car, the single Led strip that look like a square shape. The interior part it is so luxury and elegant. It has10.2 inches infotainment system screen while the older one has 6 inches. When it comes to the instrument cluster, it becomes all digital now. Older model of Benz has partially analogue and partially digital infotainment system. This is the main difference between the two models. The wheel has a spotty and a flat bottom look. Left side of the steering there is a cruise control and right side there is infotainment control buttons. Left side of the steering wheel also contain a tachometer and can change the way look by scrolling the tachometer to the left and right. By doing this we can change the centre screen appearance. We can get different options like trip details, navigation details and radio controls. The car will support android and apple car play. When comes to the back seat it is little bit claustrophobic and if you are tall you are not fit into there because the roof is a dip down. But there is a solution comes in the form of front seat which has an amount of leg space. To know more about new models of car and their features we are here to assist you, the top car hire company in Dubai, Sharjah and U A E. Like and Share this Page to get regular updates on new car models in UAE.

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