The Important Regular Maintenance Check for your Car

Posted on: 13/01/2020 13:03:57

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Belts and Hoses It is very important to check and replace your belt every four year. If a car did not have belt and hoses, it will not work. Hose and Belt work together to keep the car running efficiently and maintain a proper operating temperature. These can be damaged by time, heat, and pressure. The timing belt let the crankshaft to the camshaft. Battery In an electrical system of a car consists of a battery, starter and alternator. Battery considered as the energy supplier to your starter. If any of these parts are not working properly, then your car won’t be start. The life span of a battery is between two to five years. Warning lights in Dashboard The new generation cars has an ability to tell if something gone wrong and car need a quick attention. Never try to avoid this because these signals provide vital information about your car and your safety behind the wheels. These signals include temperature light, gas light, battery light, pressure light and finally check engine light. If you want to know more about low cost bus rental UAE and long term car hire Dubai, Abu Dhabi visit us the best car hire company in Dubai Like and Share this Page to get regular updates on new car models in UAE.

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